Thursday, November 3, 2011

11-03-2011, our first full day home.

Alright, folks. This is the nudie post. I photographed J as discreetly as possible, but to orient you in terms of location and size of the road rash, I needed to to include some, umm. . . landmarks.

It doesn't show all that well, but there's a large triangular bruise on this arm that didn't show up until the second day. The nurse giving J his tetanus shot would've injected it where the scratch is, but moved down to avoid the scratch. She injected the tetanus shot right where the bruise would end up (ouch).

This was the first good look at this mark that either of us had at this mark on J's rear. He'd asked the nurses about it, but they said nothing was there. This is the impression the edge of a tire makes when it pinches skin:

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