Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Our friends M. and C. came over last night and brought some pizza and a computer with a working DVD drive. C. moved my CT and Xrays over to a thumb drive so that I could view them on my mac (which now has no DVD drive due to the accident). So here are the images of the fractures.

First up is the acetabular fracture. The fracture can be seen just above the ball of my femur.

Next up is the lumbar fractures. These are not quite as clear due to the smoothing used by the program to render the image. The two vertebrae above the sacrum are the L5 and L4 vertebrae. Looking at these you can top of each looks like it is slightly shifted forward. These are the fractures.

Finally, here is a view with all of the fractures:

I'm hoping to get the DVD with the images of my thoracic vertebral fractures later this week and will add photos then.

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